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On Sunday 17th of April I got wind of a Tesla car meet right here in Hope. Because I realized long ago that electric cars are probably the wave of the future I took advantage of the opportunity to actually see some up close and talk to people who actually own one, because I had questions.

I waited patiently to ask some of who I overheard as being the President of VEVA, the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association. I listened as he related to the group standing there about his trip across Canada last year and how he had won the contest. Soon as I got his attention and introduced myself I began to ask my questions…

Q. So, I heard you say that you did your cross Canada trip in the summer, that’s too easy. How do these cars work in the Canadian climate and winter in particular?

A.  The cars work just fine in the winter. They have heated seats and a heat exchanger on board. An owner in Kamloops ran his all year with no problem.

Q. What about the range these days, I know batteries have advanced some though.

A. The Tesla Model S has a range of 400km but it will be a bit less in the winter.

Q. What about charging,  do you need a special connection to charge overnight say, at ones home?

A. (He took me to his vehicle and popped the hood to show me the cable). The cable end is the same type as what plugs into the dryer and the length of cable is plenty sufficient to reach inside the house to the plugin.

Q. One of the concerns I have is the lack of noise they make when approaching pedestrians, seems a bit dangerous. Could get one of those things to plugin the lighter that make a car or truck sound like whatever you want.

A. In reality a lot of pedestrians are plugged in with ear buds so wouldn’t hear an ordinary car anyway (chuckle). Seriously though a toot of the horn would alert any pedestrians to ones presence if required.

Q. I heard the news about a cheaper massed produced model that Tesla is coming out with  but $35,000 is still somewhat expensive?

A. My job is to convince people that electric cars are the better option. You can actually go to the dealer in Vancouver and get a used one for about $20,000.

Q. Are Tesla going to make a truck at some point for us guys that like their big trucks?

A. They are but it’s probably about five years away.

I certainly came away with the answers to my particular questions and it was pretty cool to see that many electric cars all lined up, they look very well made and classy looking indeed. One day I’ll likely be an owner of an electric vehicle for sure but do look forward to the unveiling of the promised truck because that is what I would want I think.



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