Because we’re still not that mobile as yet, as we are still roughing it, we tend to wander around around in our current local area. In effect exploring and getting to know more about our surroundings. On this May long weekend we decided to wander around and check out the many garage sales in the area. No, we don’t need more stuff but yer never know what you come across and it’s one of our shared passions. This was one such thing. We ended up in Yale about 20km up the road from Hope to check out the offerings that know are usually on the main street through town. While doing this we spotted a sign for a thrift store and garage sale off the main street. We found the garage sale which was three families joined together. While poking around I spotted a book written by WP (Bill) Kinsella and it was signed by the author! Cool I thought, another one to add to our collection perhaps. I soon learned that the actual author himself was sitting in a chair out front. I also soon found out that his book called Shoe Less Joe was the basis for the Kevin Costner movie The Field of Dreams. I asked for a photograph with him and he graciously accepted. Yes, I do indeed have a signed copy of one of his books for our collection.

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