Before all this “one” business started we’ll step back a bit to what I will call the “knighted one”, Sir Alex Ferguson, the most successful manager of Manchester United. At some point of course he would have to retire and his successor, David Moyes, got labeled the “chosen one” by the media.  He wasn’t afforded the same time as Ferguson to make a success of it and he was sacked pretty quick as bad results began to accumulate. In the wings was what I call the “loyal one”, Ryan Giggs and he took over for a short time while they searched for a replacement manager. They ended up with Louis van Gaal a proven successful manager. He however turned out to be the “dull one”. It was almost as if the plan was to not lose and that made for some pretty dull football which is not United style at all. Although winning the FA Cup they didn’t qualify for the Champions League and as it is all about money now Louis van Gaal was sacked two years into his three year contract. Now the search was on for his replacement. They picked another “one”*sigh*. José Mourinho who is called the “special one” by the media.


It’s easy for me to pass critical comment from the outside looking in because I’m not privy to the workings of actual player, management and money dynamics on the inside. I still believe however that they had the “chosen one” but didn’t give him enough time. At the very least they should have given the “loyal one” a better chance because he was totally familiar with the club. The “one” they have picked now has some problems in his resume but his success cannot be argued with, and that’s why he was picked. I’m not a fan of Chelsea by any stretch of the imagination and to have an ex failed manager of Chelsea become the manager of Manchester United is kind of a nightmare for me. Okay, so now we have the “special one”. I think the next season will certainly be “special” one way or another that’s for sure.

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